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By mushroom it the usage of computer network, specially internet, a lot of society [of] in the world of this designed business pass by illusory world. 

[it is true], in internet not too much released expense because product that presented only have the shape of photo or picture. If there is order that need goods is referred [as], after message, goods directly send to order.

Besides business of goods sales and service in internet, at this time start marak other type business called Pay click and Pay Per Play. With existence of business like this, society enough have web site by it self or blog that tide banner or advertisement in its blog, and when visitor of advertisement click referred [as] blog owner gets bonus. Will See this growth can be ascertained some years forwards a large part of society have exploited this online media to go shopping, transact etc.

What that Pay clicks (PPC)
Simply, Pay clicks is a mechanism periklanan that install in certain webpage. Advertiser will pay to the order of owner web/blog for every visitor that advertisement click in webpage are referred [as]. That is, owner web/blog will accept payment from management Pay clicks,either both for in Indonesia or that beyond country.

At this time plenty [of] that offered business periklanan pass by online media, like forum or mailing list. Nevertheless, for forum type and very rare mailing list install advertisement PPC because not all member in media is referred [as] receptive its.

There are some type of advertisement display that circulated in the world of illusory at this time, for example line advertisement, advertisement banner nor mini banner. Tamppilannya even also there is horizontal and there is also that vertical. At least, there is two fishs PPC, that is direction at advertisement display in page of searcher machine result and come up in webpage as banner or line advertisement. Like has been explained above that at this time quite a lot organizer PPC (Pay clicks).

For example, the most popular is Google Adsense. With Google Adsense, You can get money only by tide script that taken away from adsense are referred [as]. Adsense menyedikan various of facilities that can select like Adsense for seeking, link unit, and others. Besides Google, other organizer also can be tried like,, etc.

In Indonesia there are some Pay clicks good enough and proven, like,,, etc. By enlist or registration to one of organizer PPC are referred [as], You also can get advertisement dengn tide way script advertisement by tide/patch script advertisement in webpage or your  blog .

For example, Indonesians enough interests with dollar, You make blog care of for example, or diffraction also, and others. If web or blog Anda has been attached Adsense or other PPC, when visitor web or blog Anda click [of] one of advertisement that exist in webpage or blog referred [as], advertiser will be hit advertising expense that clicked referred [as]. Of course Anda that have blog or web will accept payment that kept in deposit till the number reach minimum value that can be transfered or paid to you.

Later, you will enquire how much/many rupiah value or dollar once advertisement click or banner that attached in webpage or blog Anda? Its value varies hung organizer. If Anda uses local PPC, usually click advertisement of value text Rp 300,00, whereas for banner or mini banner value Rp 350,00. Nevertheless, there are some PPC not as yet common to payee 0,50 USs$ once click from result browser.

See fact is referred [as] and see some examples, in the reality this business quite positive and the result [it is true]. Only, what best marketing, if visitor web we already hundreds of thousand and all that step into web or our blog advertisement click that presented PPC, can be ascertained you will get big enough money. For that, if Anda tries this business, blog atu web that made must relevant and many enthused society in Indonesia and world.

Use English to extend range. One point next that must paid attention is, promote web or your blog. Growing are recognized then banya that visit blog or your web.
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